Climate change and Trees – what we need to do?


Global warming is affecting our environment and ecosystem rapidly. The overall rise in the temperatures has resulted in significant catastrophes, including droughts, hurricanes, and floods all over the globe. Geologists and weather scientists are continually working to figure out ways to slow down global warming. According to distinctive ongoing studies and researches, planting trees is one of the ways to reduce global warming to some extent.
Thus, we as humans need to stand up against this most significant and most concerning issue and try to resolve it for good.
Like we’ve already mentioned, plantation of trees can help in decreasing global warming therefore rather than waiting for another 10-15 years it’s better to take action now.
According to a few pieces of research, an estimated I trillion trees need to be planted to stop the disastrous consequences. Here are a few advantages of the plantation, which will help in reducing global warming. Have a look.

Absorption of carbon:

There are several harmful gases in our atmosphere. These gases tend to damage the ozone layer, which can end up in the destruction of the ecosystem and our environment as a whole. Meanwhile, if we plant more and more trees, we can bring this to a halt. The trees absorb the harmful gases making our atmosphere clean. A single fully grown tree can absorb almost 48 pounds of carbon every year, which makes the air clean enough for the people to breathe. Thus, we can conclude that the plantation of trees can help us save our Earth to a great extent.

Protection of Coastal Communities:
Coastal communities are always on the brink of getting flooded. Floods are one of those catastrophes which are a result of global warming. The best solution to protect the coastal areas from intense storms and floods is by planting trees. Why? Because the trees slow down the water’s pressure and strength and are gushes on the land and absorb the excess water and eventually releases it as vapour in the air.

Provide shade:
Another reason why tree plantation is necessary now is that it provides shade and permits the direct sunlight to hit the soil and dry it out. The most significant advantage is that the shade helps in retaining the moisture of the land and maintains fertile agriculture. In urban areas, the trees providing shade can decrease the energy consumption rates by eliminating the emissions and cut the costs for cooling.
Supports the wildlife biodiversity:
Our ecosystem mainly relies on the trees. It all begins here. The trees are considered as the anchors for the ecosystem, plants, and wildlife. Therefore, it develops a healthy bio-network that converts solar energy, absorbs carbon dioxide, nourishes the soil, and provides an excellent biological elucidation for cleaning our Earth.

Thus we can conclude that plantation of trees can help in protecting our environment and building a safe, clean and healthy place for our upcoming generations to live on. For more informative articles, stay connected.