5 Things To Know Why Your Tree Needs Trimming


Trees are living things just like humans, although they provide a decorative and beautiful sight to your lawn sometimes, we take them for granted. Trees need special and proper care for their growth because they all get diseases like humans and die if not properly taken care of.

Even if they don’t get diseases they might die of old age, branches of an old tree possess danger to you and your neighbors’ homes, also they are a danger to your vehicles and people that walk under those branches. In this article, we will talk about what are the main factors for trimming a tree.

  • Visible Dead Branches

If you inspect your tree and observe that there are some branches that are different in color, it means they are rotten and there is no more life in them. These branches are a potential danger to your surroundings and should be removed immediately. You can contact a professional tree service for this task, they will solve your tree-related problem easily and professionally.

  • Branches Entering Private Property

If a tree in your lawn grows big and its branches get inside your house then it is also advised to trim those branches. These extra branches will not cause harm to your property but will also impact your neighbors’. Moreover, these branches can also get in touch with electrical wires present near your lawn.

Trimming them at the right time will not only result in being you as a good neighbor but it will also save your property from the excess amount of garbage and leaves.

  • A Dying Tree

When you note that a certain tree is dying then it’s time for you time trim and cut branches as fast as you can, because a dead tree can cause a mess if it falls on its own. Trees usually shake because of wind and it’s dangerous for you if a tree breaks or falls because of it. Contact a professional service as a priority to mitigate this issue.

  • A Hole In Trunk

If you notice a hole in the trunk of your tree, then it’s a sign that a certain tree is dying and hollow. This hollow tree can break at any point and cause great destruction to your property. Make sure to remove this type of tree if you detect this sign.

  • Home For Insects

Usually, plants and trees are invaded by pests and insects, but if you notice a regular activity of insects in a certain part of a tree then it is advised to cut off that part and apply insecticides to that area. Insects can also impact the health of a tree and cause several diseases that can result in cutting off the whole tree.


These 5 issues should not be taken lightly at any cost, if you detect any of this issue make sure to take safety precautions on your own if you have tools and knowledge to carry out that certain problem, otherwise it is best to contact a tree care service as they are trained and professional to mitigate and solve these problems.