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Water, the secret of life


According to the recent investigations performed by scientists, 70% of the human being’s body mass is composed of water. Thus, we can openly state how important this liquid is for us.

You have probably read or heard somewhere these figures, it’s a natural resource that we will not be able to survive without. The longest you can survive without eating is around 21 days (3 weeks), however, when it comes to water, it is a totally different story. You can only live without drinking any water from 3 to 5 days, depending on the situation.


The importance of water for the human species:

It essential maintaining high energy levels and cleansing our bodies from toxins.

On the other hand, we tend to lose water from our bodies on a daily basis through bowel movement, respiration, and perspiration. If you exercise often, then you already know that physical effort makes you start sweating and increases respiration.

And finally, we need it to revitalize our skin because due to exposure to the sun, it gets dry.


Sometimes, you might feel lethargic, sluggish and just completely unfocused. This might happen due to you not drinking enough water. Your body is in need of water to help with fatigue, which can be of both – physical and mental nature. When you’re mentally fatigued, you have decreased attention and feel overall sleepier. On the other hand, physical fatigue will make your muscles ache. That’s why if you ever feel that your mouth (or throat) or eyes are dry, then you should definitely go drink plenty of water.


If we examine water further, then we can easily notice that it’s an essential and vital element, not only for humans and animals in general but plants as well. Without it, plants would cease to exist, which will result in a deficit of oxygen in the atmosphere, which would have led to the extinction of many species.



Furthermore, water plays many different roles other than making our planet habitable; we use water for many different purposes like cooking, showering/bathing, and washing. So we know for a fact that it is an indispensable tool that we use in our day to day life.


Next, water is not only helpful for farming and agriculture, which provides food and fuel for us, but it is also an excellent energy resource. It is clean and can be used to power up towns and villages. It is renewable, which means that it is are naturally replenished on a human timescale, unlike petrol.


Finally, water can also be used for entertainment purposes! It is used in swimming pools and water parks, which are amazing ways to have fun, unplug and unwind.


Unfortunately, we human beings adopt negative behaviors that lead to the pollution of this vital resource, we waste it and pollute it. And if we are not careful then we are going to leave a huge negative impact on the environment, which will backfire and affect us.


We must make sure that we’re installing a water-efficient system that preserves water and take conscious action to help not pollute it.


For example, you can:

  • Limit washing your car to once per week instead of multiple time.
  • Stop using the toilet as a trash basket.
  • Stop pouring fat from cooking or any other type of oil, or grease down the sink. This will result in less pollution and easier water recycling and reuse.


We must be aware of how we are using our resources, and make sure that we are not wasting them, to avoid severe consequences, like water scarcity is the lack of fresh water resources to meet water demand.

And finally, we need to understand how important it is for our planet.

How climbing mountains can change your life


 “Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery.” – John Ruskin

Adventure traveling is one of the most fulfilling experience a person can have, it consists of doing an activity that requires a leap of faith, where you try something new, something challenging, where you feel your heart racing by just thinking about it.

One of the best adventures travels you can take part in is climbing a mountain, the benefits you are going to get and the feelings you’re going to experience will change your mind and life forever.

First of all, let’s start with the obvious, climbing a mountain will make you become the fittest version of yourself. It’s a physically demanding activity that will require your body to adapt and grow. That’s why ideally you are going to start training for around 6 months before you actually climb the mountain. Having the goal of climbing a mountain will motivate you to exercise hard and give it your all during every workout.  During every workout, you will work out with a purpose, a vision that will propel you forward and help you get up when you feel like quitting.

Pay attention to the wide varieties of trees. Coquitlam based Arborist Y.B. suggested that his clients come from all corners of the planet astounded by the majestic trees in Vancouver’s nature sceneries. Here is a link to his home page: https://www.aesthetictree.ca/coquitlam-tree/.

Patience is a Virtue

The process will make you learn patience. You do not climb a mountain and reach the top quickly by running, but by taking small consistent steps while having a laser-like focus on the goal.

Your mind will start playing games, suggesting that this is incredibly hard and that you should quit. You will start questioning why you are even doing this. If you actually manage to overcome this little voice, then reaching the peak is not an idea, but a possibility. This will teach you persistence, an attribute that will benefit you in almost every area of your life… Climbing a mountain is far from easy, it is not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging.


Social Life in Nature

You will most likely meet new people who are strong, confident and positive that you can call your friends. Climbing mountains is not a solo sport. You will have other people besides you who share the same goal, the goal of wanting to see what the top looks like and seeing it with their own eyes; instead of imagining it. You will find yourself roped together as you work up the mountain not as individuals but as a team.

When you climb a mountain, you give yourself the opportunity to capture the beauty and allure of life, you find peacefulness up there, at the top.

Climbing a mountain will test your spirit. They will bring out both the best and your worst in you. You will learn that they are unforgiving, impersonal and answer to no higher authority.

Through climbing, you will become more self-reliant. You will increase your confidence. The process will also humble you, while also learning to overcome fear and push past it.

Climbing a Mountain will teach you numerous lessons, and you will be able to transfer most of them to your everyday life.



In conclusion

Climbing a mountain is not only about you, and how you are challenging yourself, it is also about meeting new people, partnering up and sharing some “that was close” and close call moments. It is also about you reaching the summit and finally seeing what has been described in the books and by people. You feel accomplished, powerful and that you are unstoppable. Finally, you actually experience the term “breathtaking”.


There are many reasons to climb a mountain, however, perhaps to answer the question of why should one climb a mountain can only be answered by yourself, because, in the end, only you can determine the answer.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” —Edmund Hillary

Ways To Protect Nature


natureNature exists in an ideal route, with the ideal balance among grating and gravity, which when disturbed by catastrophes, synthetic or characteristic, parameters of these outstretching and permitted by Nature, she has along these lines of adjusting. A charming way that one feels constrained to break down. Such limits, yet such equalization, I ponder in awe…such arrange.

At the point when the two powers of grating and gravity end up contrary with Nature, higher powers must be tended to deferentially, with the end goal to change over cataclysmic events into positive adjustment to reestablish equilibrium….in a similar way our brains can possibly work when we have to manage catastrophes, changing motor personalities to warm, thinking minds, to encourage resolve in dry or liquid issues. It is along these lines that Nature changes vitality to make agreement and request. One would nearly imagine that Nature has her very own psyche.

This ‘mentality’ is coefficient to accomplish balance, I have took into this specifically, it is compulsory for her advancement and must be considered in striking the ideal parity in Nature. It is in this stipend for the extraordinary furthest reaches that she some of the time unavoidably loses ground in quest for her fantasies, here and there capitulating to the torrential slide of her will. This sustains tolerant considerations and cognizance is conceived innately, bringing about the unmistakable reasoning personality intensity of which Nature is genuinely fit and shows.

Seismic tremors freeze her yet shake no dread in her, for Nature is brave. Irate tropical storms violate her half of the globe, however this serves to extinguish her thirst, for Nature tries to enormity with flexibility and conquers any obstruction. Pride and desire surge her, yet never suffocate her security, for Nature is modest. Green-looked at tornadoes turn envy inside, however she opposes, for Nature knows her eminent potential. Common volcanoes emit dubious magma, however in any troublesome aphorisms she can even now interpret, for Nature is straightforward. Dry spell depletes the biological communities, yet she never ends up got dried out, for Nature drinks daylight and develops insightful. Hailstorms and snow squalls cry grievances always, yet she perseveres,

for Nature knows discernment. Woodlands consume, lies dissipate, however she stays tolerant, for Nature watches and pauses.

Humankind squanders away abilities, egotistically assembling landmarks, yet she imparts hers to the less lucky, for Nature puts her hands out to get the totality of appreciation and rests. For Nature realizes that ravenousness extends her universe, and that disappointment, shortcoming and asymmetry trigger dull vitality; such is the idea of the kind, that surrounds herself and her entire landscape avalanches. Notwithstanding when that happens, Nature rectifies herself and adjusts…creating far superior symmetry than before to recenter and in this manner recover her ideal balance to wholeness and totality.

Nature knows mysteriously that it is disturbed, the equalization. She detects it. Tidal waves expend her pulse, dust storms obscure her vision and valuable life sneaks past. Artificial catastrophes likewise cripple her reality and individuals pass on. Individuals are being slaughtered by the unnatural, beguiling anarchy of grabbing, sedate/human trafficking, destitution, starvation, illness, contamination, fear based oppression, pandemics, radiation spills. Emergencies that torment her kin, that peak into defenselessness. Such is the consequence of disturbing Nature’s equalization, the uncouth reality, of a frail, hesitant soul and its destiny. Such is the species that Nature can neither control nor endure, yet should embrace the ‘mentality’ in quest for survival/development.

To neutralize these quirks, Nature must be set up to guide solid, to withstand flows of the seas, to be versatile to twist disintegration, to be exceedingly charged despite rubbing and gravity. It is along these lines that Nature learns despite being changed by intercession, to be shrewd, moderate and calm, to flourish, change, persevere, strike back, alter, adjust, hold on, create, overcome, advance and develop. At that point Nature lives in delight, endlessly.

protect natureAs encounters are pushed onto her, she processes a thick inclination, of bliss, love and all inclusive regard that is undebatable. Her mountains encompass her with positive vitality, elusive quantum of it. Secured and bolstered, she is engaged and her brain and soul are blown into tornadoes that movement to different universes and back, while fiery, occupied urban areas, quiet fields, shorelines, keep up the satisfactory equalization that Nature longs. Nature comprehends the intensity of multi-stanzas, the sun, stars, moon, planets, worlds, downpours divine beings, expectation, confidence and love. She has faith in her very own capacity to shape who she will move toward becoming, knowing the intensity of five powers that draw at her feet and head…four that allow her adventure, reason and reason, however some say she has none, and one Great power that guides it, at that point she herself deliberately decides it.

The world, its entropy and individuals are largely subject to the thermodynamics of God. Consequently, Nature knows regard, yet individuals don’t. What appears detached wonders, Nature knows is the effect of a Super being, a Super power, a Strong, Supernatural, electromagnetic Force…God…onto this world. It is divine, requested, symmetrical and agreeable, between all the contact and gravity, time and space, against every one of the flows and tides, tempests and fear, in the midst of the considerable number of flames and woodlands.

Nature produces on to time everlasting. She is the exemplification of delightful, endlessly grateful. With trusts in amazing unification, copious awareness and waiting happiness, past space and time. Nature is always sustaining and pruning her spirit, body and brain. The entire of Nature enduring until the point that she winds up recognized to a level of Perfection. On the off chance that humanity would just copy her, goodness what a superior place the world would be.

The Importance of a Maintaining a Healthy Natural Environment


The impact of different human activities on the natural environment is one of the subjects that gained interest among people across different walks of life. Everyone seems to be concerned about the environment to some extent. Of course, not everyone is taking the necessary steps to ensure there’s change and, for that reason, we still are experiencing things like climate change and global warming.

It’s without doubt that nature is one of the most important things to human life. From the food people eat to the different medications to the clothes worn, to the clean air, there are numerous benefits humans draw from nature. However, holding the assumption that nature will always be there is wrong. Studies have shown how some bird and animal species have become endangered and even depleted. Nature is fairing quite badly across the world. Would you just watch nature disappear? Don’t you think it’s an important part of human life?

Maintaining a healthy natural environment will ensure animals, human beings, and plants to grow and develop naturally. Disturbances in the natural cycle from human activities that cause pollution and affect the natural environment have continued to negatively affect lives. Perhaps understanding what nature gives will help you know why it’s important to maintain and take care of it.

Fresh Water

Fresh water is one of the physical substances that come from nature and is important for human survival. A day doesn’t pass before your body craves for fresh drinking water. Nature, which comprises of water ecosystems such as wetlands, forests, and watersheds, has been threatened by pollution and overuse. It has its own way of filtering and recycling out any toxins and pollutants. Even the water softeners and filtration systems built for cleaning and purifying water can’t do it the way nature does. It’s, therefore, crucial that people maintain a healthy natural environment by protecting freshwater ecosystems.

Nature Bonds Families and Friends

Studies have shown that when people are exposed to the natural environment it becomes easy for them to nature close relationships and value community. Outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, bird watching, and exploring wildlife are often as a result of the existence of nature. What does that mean? You have a responsibility to help take care of the natural environment as it contributes to your social interactions with others.

Nature is important to your Health

This is not just about the many drugs and medications that pharmaceuticals manufacture from different plants and animals. Nature provides you with great views, ensures continuous supply of fresh air and fresh water, provides food, and contributes to the psychological wellbeing of people. However smart and technological savvy the people might become, without a healthy and diverse natural environment it will be as if the world is lost and doesn’t have clear direction.

The value of nature to the human life cannot be overemphasized. Failure to take care of and protect the natural environment is like taking away life’s building blocks. Everyone has a responsibility to take part in maintaining a healthy and diverse natural environment. From art to spiritual matters to human health to the world’s economy to biodiversity and wildlife, there’s so much that nature has to offer.

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