Factors You Should Pay Attention to When Washing Your Car

Who does not want to have a shiny and clean car like a new car? High activity and mobility in big cities, sometimes, become the main obstacle to always maintain the cleanliness of the car itself.

Indeed, using car wash services from a car wash place like the auto detail beaverton is a solution. But to keep the car looking perfect, you also need to know the proper cleaning steps. You should not let your car be damaged because of the wrong washing way. Therefore, you should pay attention to some of these things when your car is being washed.

– Car wash sequence

Not all car washers know the correct order when washing the car. Usually, the power used is less skilled so they tend to be careless. Make sure you request that your car is done in the order, so as not to damage the car parts. Start by spraying the entire body with a hose for sand and dust to disappear. Continue by rubbing the car body using a sponge. Rinse thoroughly, and dry with a soft cloth.

– Do not use detergent carelessly

One thing that often escapes us, is the soap used to wash your car. Some car washers sometimes buy cheap soaps of cars to reduce production costs. There is no harm in asking before entrusting your car to be washed by them. If you are a hard-to-believe type, you can also provide your own soap.

– Notice how to clean the car

Cleaning the engine on the car is the most difficult thing. You should note the sensitive components found in the car. Not all components will withstand too much water pressure. One of them is the car spark plugs. So, to clean it is by simply running the water slowly to clean the engine from the dust that sticks. Although difficult, you should not forget the maintenance of the machine as this is vital for the durability of your car components.