Major Do’s and Don’ts to follow for protecting your trees


Trees are one of the essential parts of our lives. Without trees, we can’t live a healthy and beautiful life. Wherever you go around the world, the beauty and healthy air you receive only become possible with its help.

It’s our responsibility to perform tree care to protect it for a long time. Because better protection will make the tree to remain healthier for years. When it stays more robust, you and the upcoming family members will also get dramatic benefits from these trees.

Today the article is based upon the dos and don’ts of protecting your trees. We will try to cover every critical point in the section below so that you would not need to read anything about it in the future.



Pruning is an essential part of the protection of your trees. The pruning process supports cutting all un-necessary branches of the trees that are slowly destroying the trees’ robustness. Pruning these branches encourages not only the roots of the trees but also enhance the trees’ appearance. Moreover, sunlight exposure is essential for the tree, in which the dead branches prevent exposure to the healthier ones. So it’s better to perform pruning of the trees to protect it.

Do Spray: 

Pesticides are dangerous for the destruction of a tree that produces fruits. To keep it safe, you have to perform seasonal spraying throughout the vital part of the tree. It’s good to get the assistance of professionals for the spraying process.


Fertilizing your tree correctly is an excellent way to protect it for years. Just like humans, trees also need some extra boost like fertilization to make themselves strong enough.


Stop Growing Trees Side by Side

: The downfall of any tree starts when the neighbors come very closer to it. In some cases, the idea of trees closeness is supported, but you have to maintain the distance of the trees to protect them for the long-term.

Don’t Leave the Dead Branches

: Dead branches are hazardous for the proper growth of any tree. If you ignored the dead branches before reading this article, make sure to cut it down as early as possible. Dead branches are the same as dandruff in our hairs; when we don’t show its importance, it slowly destroys the entire roots.