Recognize the Differences of Depression and Stress

Depression and stress are often misunderstood as two things in common In fact, both are different things. Get to know these two things before handling them. Depression and stress are often considered the same by many people. Though both have differences in terms of health and handling. Depression is a serious mental illness that is often misunderstood by many people. Many people look to the eyes of people with depression because they are considered weak, fragile, and fail to move on. In fact, depression is a mental illness that can not be considered playful. Because, depression has infected almost half the world’s population and brought economic losses to a family and even a country, due to the inability of a person to live his daily life. Often misunderstood by people, depression is not a feeling of sadness because of problems or stress when there is a certain pressure. But a sense of sadness that occurs continuously without the need for certain events as a trigger. To overcome this, it’s good if you get special handling given by as your healing method.

Many also think that depression can not infect those who are religious. The reality is not like that, depression can affect anyone, it can even decrease genetically from parent to child. People who are depressed do not have a problem, poor, rich, broken love, and others. Factors hormonal, psychological conditions, and other diseases can lead to depression. Unlike the feelings of stress that will disappear along with the completion of all problems encountered or will be treated with the entertainment. Depression will stay for a long time even if someone is on vacation and has everything he needs. Depression and stress can be handled with the right care.