Why trees are so important?


Trees are the most important for the survival of living things. They produce oxygen which is very important for everyone, without oxygen no one can survive. Trees are a good source of food and shelter. There are many other benefits of the trees like they store carbon dioxide gas, used in medicines, used for making tools and equipment, source of rains, help in stabilizing soil, give life to the animals and insects, and many other benefits. Trees are the big source of food and vegetables. With the passage of time, many latest researches discovered their benefits and uses on a daily basis. There are many different benefits of trees; some of them are discussed below:

Benefits of Environments:

The contribution of trees to the environment is infinite; they provide us oxygen and consume dangerous gases from the air. According to the research about one acre of the healthy forest absorbs about 6 tons of carbon dioxide gas and in return, they produce 4 tons of oxygen. And they are will filter the air that we breathe; the air contains different dangerous gases such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide gas.

Trees play an important role in controlling the environment by moderating the effects of nature. They can control the effects of rain, sun, and wind. Trees can save humans from the floods and control the pressure of strong winds. They can reduce the temperature of heat and make the air cooler. Trees provide shade from solar radiation and reduce the noise of traffic. Trees prevent the soil erosion and make the soil healthy for harvesting.

Boost wildlife:

Trees provide the place to the microhabitats. The young trees are the source of food and the shelter for the birds and the insects to live in them. When trees become old the different birds like, owls, crows, eagle, bats, and many other species made their nest in their holes. Even some animals such as monkeys, polar bears, and panthers love to live on trees; they will save on the trees. According to the latest research are about 500 different types of species live on trees in different parts of the world.

Value of trees:

Trees have numerous benefits for human beings. They have a wide variety of practical and commercial uses. In the past, the woods are only used for the burning of fire, and they are still using for cooking the meal in different parts of the world. Wood pulp is used for papermaking and some kinds of wood are used in making furniture, construction of buildings and manufacturing of other household items.

Value to our community:

Trees have a great impact on every part of the community. The trees on the streets and parks make a peaceful atmosphere. They increase the quality of life and make the air fresh. Trees bring natural elements and wildlife habitats in urban settings. They provide cool shade and make outdoor activities more pleasant. Urban woodland is used as the source of education.