Trees and Severe climate changes


Our environment and ecology are effecting quickly due to global warming. When the weather temperature increases it brings a lot of things around the world like floods, disasters, and storms. Geologists and weather forecasters are constantly looking for the reasons for global warming and how can we save the world from these kinds of disasters. As per the previous researches, we should do more planting because it is the best way to decrease global warming and can save the world from floods and storms. Therefore, we should more focus on this issue and take part to resolve it. As, trees can help to reduce global warming we should take steps now and start planting a tree, rather than waste more years. Previous researches also indicate that we need to plant probably 1 trillion trees to prevent disasters and severe climate changes. Below are few benefits of the plantation that can help to decrease in global warming,

Consume carbon:

in our environment, there are a lot of dangerous gases and these gases are damaging the ozone layer, as a result, our ecosystem is affecting. However, planting many trees can stop further damage and make our environment healthier and plantation have a positive impact on our climate as well. Trees consume gases that are harmful to us and convert our bad environment into clean ones. A mature tree can consume approximately 48 pounds of carbon each year, and as a result, it provides fresh and clean air which is sufficient for all people to take breaths. Therefore, the plantation of trees is good to protect our world and can save us from damages.

Save from floods:

people who are living near the coastal areas already faced a lot of problems due to the climate changes. They have always on the edge of receiving the floods. Since floods are also the reasons for disaster which bring a global warming. We can protect the coastal areas from severe storms and floods through the plantation of trees because trees can only handle the pressure of water when the flood comes on the land. Trees absorb the extra water and then after some time release it in the form of vapor in the air.

Give shadow:

another most significant advantage of the plantation of trees is that it gives the shadow when the temperature of the climate is high. It also protects the land from direct sunlight and the shade helps to keep the land’s moisture and manage the fertile cultivation. In urban region, trees give the cooling effect in hot weather that helps people to cut the costs. If we start cutting down the trees then we can face extreme climate changes that are not good for our health and ecosystem.

Maintain biodiversity:

our environment depends upon the trees, the more trees we have the healthier our environment will become. Trees create a strong bio network that exchanges the solar energy, consume carbon dioxide, nurture the land and cleanse the earth.